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Please contribute to help raise the $50,000 needed prior to submitting the USS Thresher ANC Commemorative Monument approval package to the ANC Commemorative Monuments  Working Group. This money will cover  the cost of the monument design, construction, transport,  foundation stone & installation, perpetual care, incorporation and 501(c)(3) filing fees, mailings and presentation documentation.


Our goal is to complete the fundraising byt July 15th, in time to make it on the Federal Register for the next ANC Advisory Commiittee meeting scheduled for August/September.


Our fundraising site is


Also, consider becoming a Peer Fundraiser to multiply your fundraising contributions by creating your own fundraising page. Utilize social media to notify your friends and associates of your campaign. Select the following link to setup your peer fundraising page: Become a fundraiser.


See the following links to gain an understanding of peer to peer fundraising and how it can help us achieve our goal:

  1. Peer to Peer fundraising overview
  2. Become a peer fundraiser
  3. So you have created a page - now what?


Note that the IRS is currently reviewing our 501(c)(3) form 1023 and will provide approval within a months time. All donations made in calendar year 2018 will be retroactively 100% tax deductible upon approval.


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