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THRESHER's legacy extends into outer space. After the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board described SUBSAFE as "successful safety programs and practices that could be models for NASA." Following this recommendation, a number of exchanges and conferences have been held between SUBSAFE naval personnel and NASA. Read more about this collaboration in the Fall 2005 issue of Undersea Warfare Magazine. 


Section 46 in Arlington National Cemetery  hosts the memorials to the crews lost aboard the Space Shuttles  Challenger and Columbia. The cleared location to the right of the Columbia memorial shown in the photo below appears to be an appropriate location in Arlington National Cemetery to build a memorial to the men lost aboard THRESHER.


Our desire to place the USS Thresher National Memorial  next to the Space Shuttle Columbia memorial will be weighed against the requirement that no memorial shall be placed in an area used for burials by ANC staff members.

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 Photo by James Hassett