USS Thresher

Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Project

USS Thresher ANC Memorial Dedication, Reception & Travel Packages

Dedication Ceremony


The USS Thresher ANC Memorial dedication ceremony will be held at the ANC Amphitheater on Thursday, September 26 from 1600 to 1700.


A brief wreath laying ceremony will be held at the memorial at 1715.




A reception will be held at the Women in Military Service For America Memorial from 1725 to 2000. All attendees are encouraged to attend.


USS Thresher Family/Former Crew, this is your opportunity to personally contribute to realizing our charter of perpetuating the memories and SUBSAFE legacy of the 129 men lost aboard USS Thresher by communicating your stories with those who build, overhaul, maintain and operate our Nations Submarines.


On-line RSVP Form


Please register the names of all those attending in your party no later than 8/26/2019 using the on-line RSVP form.



USS Thresher Family/Former Crew On-line RSVP Form & Name Tags


In support of name tag creation, sections have been added to the on-line RSVP form for USS Thresher Family that will be used to identify the relationship of each member in your party to the men lost aboard USS Thresher.


The name tags will include a photo and name of the USS Thresher crew member each family member is related to along with a photo of the memorial.


Active Duty and Veteran Submariners will wear names tags of the USS Thresher crew members who lack family representation. Email if you would like to serve as a USS Thresher crew member surrogate representative.



Capital Tours Travel Packages


In order to facilitate uniting USS Thresher Family & Former Crew, Submarine Veterans and former NAVSEA employees, two travel packages are being offered by Capital  Tours. Both tours feature hotel accommodations for two nights (9/25 & 9/26), four meals, a tour of DC the morning of 9/26, and local transportation.  One of the packages includes a long haul bus trip that originates in Portsmouth, NH with stops in  Groton, CT and the Meadowlands, NJ, outside of NYC. See the Capital Tours web page for additional details and to register no later than 8/23.


Fundraising To Cover Our Costs


RADM Clarke Orzalli, USN Retired & Foundation Treasurer, is currently soliciting corporate donations to secure $52K needed to cover the costs of the Trams rental, reception facility rental and catering for an estimated 1000. You can help by making a tax deductible donation. Please see our Fundraising web page on how to contribute and our Donor Recognition web page for list of donors.


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