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How You Can Help



Help us cover the significant costs associated with the USS Thresher ANC Memorial dedication ceremony and reception with a tax exempt donation.


The dedication ceremony will be held in the ANC Amphitheater. The post ceremony reception will be held in the Women in Military Service of America Memorial Building.


The USS Thresher ANC Memorial Dedication Ceremony & Reception has been tentatively scheduled for September 26, 2019.


Please note that this date is contingent on US Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) approval of the memorial design and selected location on June 20, 2019. If CFA does not approve either the memorial design or the selected location, additional work will be needed and the date will be moved in support of the estimated 10 weeks required for the memorial to be constructed, shipped and installed.


You have two ways to contribute:

  1. Online with Flipcause (4.95% processing fee)
  2. Send a check made out to "USS Thresher ANC Memorial Foundation" to our Treasurer:


RADM John Clarke Orzalli

23 Pearl Road
Nahant, MA 01908-1163


Anticipated costs include the following:

  1. Dedication Ceremony Program Printing: $7000
  2. Rental of Women in Military Service For America Memorial for the reception: ($6000)
  3. Tram rental  $7500 (needed to shuttle attendees from  the following locations:)
    1. ANC Welcome Center to the ANC Memorial Amphitheater
    2. ANC Memorial Amphitheater to USS Thresher ANC  Commemorative Monument
    3. ANC Commemorative Monument to Women in Military Service For America Monument


Any additional funds received beyond our anticipated costs will be used to help defray the $30 per person cost of the reception for USS Thresher family and former crew.


The IRS approved our 501(c)(3) form 1023 and granted us Tax Exempt Status on June 27, 2018, retroactive to March 7, 2018.  Our EIN is 82-4860038.


If you choose the no fee check donation option, please register your support on our Google Docs USS Thresher Arlington National Cemetery Commemorative Monument Project Supporter Form to receive periodic status updates.

ANC Memorial Amphitheater

Dedication Ceremony

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