USS Thresher

Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Project




The USS Thresher ANC Memorial will be located on the Roosevelt Drive walkway that runs between the ANC Welcome Center and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Memorial in the vicinity of the USS-F4 memorial below the Lee Mansion as shown in the image below. Note that the memorial faces the rising sun in the East.



ANC Approved Location With Memorial Design Image Added

(Not to scale, but close. Not shown is the foundation stone that will be largely buried.)

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The macro view of the location is shown in the image below as the L1 yellow pin on the Google Maps Satellite view of ANC.


ANC staff recommended three locations for us to choose from for our memorial as shown with yellow pins labled L1, L3 & L4 on the Google Maps satellite image below. We choose L1 as it receives over 1.5 million walkers annually including 8th grade students from every state in our Nation.  Note that Roosevelt drive does not allow trams, only walkers.


L3 & L4 are located near the 18 USS Thresher Crew Member markers. However, the trams that pass this location do so at 20 mph en-route to the Memorial Amphitheater, allowing only a glimpse of our memorial. Also, there is no walkway along this portion of the road.

Macro View Of ANC Recommended Memorial Placement Locations


Photos by Major Shannon Way, US Army, ANC Strategic Planner

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