USS Thresher

Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Project


Realizing Our Mission



We will realize our mission of erecting a National Commemorative Monument to USS Thresher in Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) by:


  1. Fully understanding and complying with the requirements and process for placing a commemorative memorial  in ANC, including H.R. 1627.
  2. Closely follow the example set by the most recently approved commemorative monument for the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots and Crewmembers.
  3. Project supporters  downloading, signing and mailing a USS Thresher Arlington National Cemetery Commemorative Monument Project supporter letter to Ms. Karen Durham-Aguilera, Executive Director, Army National Cemeteries.
  4. Fundraising the estimated $10,000 needed to privately fund the design, construction, installation, dedication & perpetual care of the USS Thresher Arlington National Cemetery National Commemorative Monument through your generous donations.
  5. Submitting a proposal that contains the following:
    1. A detailed justification of proposed monument.
    2. A proposal that identifies the nongovernmental group making the offer.
    3. The estimated value of the donation.
    4. The design concept of the monument.
    5. A certification of funds sufficient to cover all costs - including preservation and perpetual care.
    6. An independent study on the availability and suitability of an alternative location for placement outside of Arlington National Cemetery.

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